Aircraft Accident

2 December 1986
0349 CST
Hanna City, Illinois
Greater Peoria Airport

NTSB Probable Cause Narrative
Not Yet Reported
NTSB Narrative Summary Released at Completion of Accident
The aircraft struck power lines and crashed two miles from the end of the runway on final approach ground track after being cleared for an ILS approach. The accident occurred at the end of a three leg cross-country flight from the Bahamas which began aprx 8½ hours before the accident. Much of the flying time during this trip was in IFR conditions. The pilot was very familiar with the local area and had flown the ILS approach in question many times.
Event Information
Type of Event Accident 
Event Date 2 December 1986 
Time of Event 0349 CST 
Event City Hanna City  
Event State Illinois 
Event Location Airport Greater Peoria Airport—PIA 
Distance from airport in statute miles
Degrees magnetic from airport 306 
Lighting Conditions Night/Dark 
Lowest Ceiling Height
Lowest Non-Ceiling Height
Sky/Lowest/Cloud Conditions Unknown 
Sky Condition for Lowest Ceiling Obscured 
Air Temperature at event time (in degrees celsius)
Dew Point at event time (in degress fahrenheit)
Wind Direction (degrees magnetic) 70 
Wind Speed (knots) 10 
Intensity of Precipitation Light 
Injury Total Fatal
Basic weather conditions Instrument Meteorological Conditions 
Aircraft Involved
Aircraft Registration Number N9210M 
NTSB Number CHI87FA040  
Federal Aviation Reg. Part Part 91: General Aviation 
Type of Flight Plan filed IFR 
Damage Destroyed 
Aircraft Manufacturer's Full Name Mooney 
Aircraft Model M20E 
Total number of seats on the aircraft
Number of Engines
Fixed gear or retractable gear Retractable 
Second Pilot on Board Yes 
Departure Airport Code BNA  
Departure Time 0134 CST 
Specific Phase of Flight Descent 
Event Location Runway Number and Location 13  

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