Playing to the Crowd

Some guys accumulated stories at a greater rate than others. As I have shown, occasionally they aren’t properly attributed—nevertheless they remain entertaining. Mike Opalewski was one of the characters about whom great stories abound. For example, in the ‘70s as motorcycles became more and more popular among the controller workforce, Mike bought one himself—a Suzuki water buffalo. Being Mike, he didn’t just buy a bike—he bought the full regalia—leathers, helmet (required in those days), full gauntlet gloves, boots, and a scarf.

One day the lads were sitting on the picnic bench outside digesting lunch and ruminating on serious matters of the day when Mike arrived for a 1-9 shift. Fully caparisoned, he rolled to a stop in a parking space in full view and shut off the bike. He then dramatically pulled off the gloves, laying them on the tank, unbuckled his helmet and set it beside the gloves, and then unwound the scarf, folded it up, and laid it across the other paraphernalia.

Thus unencumbered and acknowledging the amused crowd, he dismounted the bike and started to step away when gravity’s subtleties dramatically rewarded his failure to have employed the kick stand.

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