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There were perhaps an inordinate number of office liaisons in the facilities in which I worked. Some of them were casual and for the most part, anonymous, in that few employees were interested in sharing their sex lives with coworkers. That should not have to be explained. Some were more of the soap opera variety, even to the extent of enjoying common pleasures while on opposite shifts—affairs of opportunity, if you will. Surprisingly, there were at least a couple of wives who had more than one controller husband on their curriculum vitae.

Some were genuine affairs of the heart based on common work experience and true affection. That did not diminish their viability as targets of our rapier wit, however. One such couple was Polly Wise and Dick Detlefson. They had been companions for some time before I got to Jacksonville. It was a legitimate relationship generally free of any tawdriness such as extramarital bed hopping. They were well known and accepted as a couple. Nice people, too.

In addition to whatever else they had in common, they both played golf. In fact they were interested in lots of sports. Whenever there was a golf outing or a football pool, they would sign up for it as a team, Dick & Polly. Some wag posed the question (often, it turns out), “who’s Dick n Polly?” to which the appropriate answer was, “some Wise fucker.” Dick and Polly eventually married and I doubt either of them ever heard of this delicious repartee.

Further: by the time they were married, both were GS-15 supervisors, which pay level netted a considerable amount of combined income. Observers noted that it wasn’t a marriage, it was a merger.

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