Rich Man’s Game

If there's a common, if not universal, cross interest among controllers, it's golf. Lots of them play. There are tournaments, scrambles, outings, etc., among working controllers as well as retirees. And what a range of talents. From hackers who make Charles Barkley look like Sam Snead to my friend Roddy, who was the Medalist in the Florida State High School Golf Tournament two years running and is in his high school's Sports Hall of Fame.

One day a couple of the lads, Fred Carroll and Jim Heeter, were getting in a round and came to a hole with some water. Fred hit into the water and dropped a new ball near the hazard. He swung, and “plink,” into the water it went.

Undaunted, he dropped another and hit it with an identical result—plink.

He was quickly out of balls so turned to Jim and said, “toss me a ball, will you?” so Jim reached in his own bag and tossed one to Fred. He dropped, he swung—plink.

“Give me another one.” Plink.

“Give me another one.” Plink.

“Give me another one.”

Jim, having enough, declined protesting, “I can't keep subsidizing your shitty play.”

To Fred replied, “hey, if you can't afford it, you shouldn't have taken up the game.”

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