No Right Solution

I mentioned the wide range of golf skills in another story. One of the best, Roddy, was once out with one of the worst, Joe. They'd played several holes—Roddy cruising along at perhaps one under, and Joe hacking his way around in twice as many strokes.

On one hole on the back nine, Joe landed in the greenside trap—lying eight. He entered the hazard with his wedge (Roddy looking on with amusement across the green and with an inside-the-leather putt for birdie), waggled his stance for stability, took a mighty swing…and bladed the ball.

It was coming across the green about eye level at Warp 5 as Roddy was trying to react, when it hit the flagstick and dropped into the cup. For a nine.

Joe looked up at Roddy and said, “a lot of people might have played that differently.”

There was never any lack of humor in controllers’ outings.

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