The Piano

Controllers often hunted in packs—usually in pairs, but sometimes in larger groups. One time a pair of the lads, Don Scott and John Collette, happened on a damsel to whom they began to devote their attention for the purpose of investigating the mysteries of the nether regions. She was not unobliging, however it happened that she was relocating her abode on the morrow, and it came to pass that a negotiated settlement involving sexual hijinks and moving assistance (not in that order—every woman over the age of twelve knows the wisdom of that) was crafted.

One of the objects was a beautiful piano and our lads procured a trailer, man-handled the instrument onto the trailer, and rigged a minimum of containment for it. In their haste to deliver the goods and reap the reward, they navigated a bit too exuberantly and swinging around a corner the rigging gave up, sending the piano crashing to the pavement, scattering hundreds of pieces. One can imagine the scene best by learning that the duo was subsequently and forever labeled Laurel and Hardy Enterprises.

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