Accident Reports

Herin are links to accident reports (usually NTSB findings) with which I’ve been acquainted over the years. I have opinions on many of them which the general public may not have considered or which may not have been addressed in the investigation. There are occasionally hard questions or tough criticism contained therein, as well.

I see it’s been a while since I updated this. There are several more incidents I had planned to memorialize, so I should try to get started. I’ll add unlinked reminders down below.

Varig 254

N600XL, Gol1907

Asiana 214

Air France 447

DC8, Okinawa This may be the one that started it all for me. Probably the first one I read (Incomplete).

EA401 I have a personal connection to this one.


TW514 Forced a significant phraseology change.

General dramatizaion issues

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